Friday, November 14, 2008

Can't wait to get to heaven

I think books are great "pick-me-ups". And I am glad I stumbled upon "Can't wait to get to heaven" by Fannie Flag. What did God tell Elner, an elderly lovable character in this book, when she reached heaven? (Oh, she was sent back, much to the delight of her family and neighbourhood). But she did learn somethings from God:

              • You can''t force people to love you, or each other for that matter;
              • We thought we gave them everything we thought they would need to help: logic, reason, compassion, a great sense of humor, but...whether or not they use it is up to them.

              Warmth and hilarity all rolled into one, is what this book is all about. And aren't these the wisest words ever? Guess, it is entirely up to us to use the gifts given to us.

              This book taught me, that perhaps there is a need to slow down and sniff the roses, or if not the roses, at least the fresh morning air.